AprilGirl's Night OUT
I look good. I feel good. I smell good. I am HOT tonight. Now where can a happening woman like me find some like-minded women?

1I could celebrate surviving half the work week at W.O.W! Wednesdays at 2i's @ 248 W 14th St. Sit at the sleek, decoratively stocked bar that glows red with suffused neon light and check out the racially mixed, well-groomed, confident women who mill and spontaneously dance about to the pulsing house mix. Or head downstairs to the crushed blue velvet lounge bar and listen to a reading of erotica or hang out for one of the events down there. Ah, to be hip, but not excruciatingly so...

2Of course, I could head over to the old standby, Henrietta Hudson's @ 438 Hudson St, and listen to Dee, the bartender who's seen it all, tell it all over a Campari & grapefruit at the compact wooden bar. Shoot a game of pool, or watch the women with real biceps shoot it in the back half of this wood-paneled tavern. Or cruise for femmes, and eat a light dessert served up at a sidewalk table as Melissa Etheridge pride ubiquitously flows out of the jukebox...

3But on Saturday, there's no place I'd rather be than Meow Mix. Not just a "Night" anymore, Meow Mix is (thankfully) permanently ensconced @ 269 E Houston St. It's much more relaxed, neighborhoody, and slacker than anything West Village. The women are young, out, interestingly pierced, and DANCING - that is, before Meow Mix was temporarily closed for Fire Code violations. Their still employed, though frustrated, DJ mixes a wild '70s Funk beat under the shadow of a sign reading "No Dancing by Order of the Mayor's Office." When they get their Cabaret license, it'll be back to the good old days.

Meow Mix, despite the "Footloose" restrictions, is still the place of choice for this Baby Dyke.

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