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"Another time - Another place
Our temperature would climb
There'd be a long embrace"

- Jonathan Larson, Rent

Happy 1997! It's VD time again. No, not that kind of VD... Valentine's Day! And you're tuning in here to figure out the best places to take her for that romantic spin on the dance floor? How sweet, I'm so glad you thought of me! Well, even if you got a Flu shot (and I did!) there's still some creeping germs out there waiting to strike you down in your romantic prime, like they did to me. So, this month we'll sniffle in our PJs while surfing the Net for Websites in addition to Girls' Night Out that specialize in places to go in New York once you're feeling better and have stopped passing the bug from partner to partner to partner. *Cough*!

1HX for Her, the Lesbian spin-off of the man-about-town print guide HX Magazine, premiered earlier this year with a she-bang. Labeling itself "The Totally Biased Politically Incorrect Party Paper for Lesbians," HX for Her is the guide to what's hot for the woman-about-town. HX also lives on the web, with club, bar, and restaurant listings, event listings three weeks in advance of events, Dyke Dish, and cultural exhibits for the Sapphic eye. The print version boasts more features -- like the indispensible Dear Lezzie, and the ever-popular personals and horoscopes -- but the info you need to be on top of NYC is right up front both online and in print in the Lesbo Musts section.

2The ever-underground-popular print PaperMag has an online Girl Guide that posts special events and regular weekly gigs for that week only, and not before, so it's good for up-to-the-minute listings, but not for planning beyond the weekend. Its one-sentence attitude-filled reviews peg each listing with wit and accuracy. And, of course, the rest of PaperMag and it's attitude are online, too.

3And for the truly wired NY babe, there's NYC NET, the complete New York City bulletin board system and Internet service provider for the local queer community. You can log onto the BBS if you use First Class Software, which you can download from NYC NET's Website. NYC NET brings the community together by hosting SheScape online with all of the group's special party listings, women's mailing lists, Usenet groups like alt.feminism, alt.lesbian, and alt.personals.fetish, and bulletin boards galore including the Women's Board full of gal bar listings in and out of NYC, the Socially Active Lesbians Board, and boards covering news and poilitics, work and career, health and home, sex and romance, and entertainment and leisure. You can browse for a few days free, but if you want full access to all of the hip and informative services, you'll have to cough up some $$$. Use NYC NET as your ISP, or just as a BBS ($12/month BBS only, $33/quarter BBS only, $25/month full Internet & BBS, $72/quarter full Internet & BBS).

I can't wait to put all these informative listings to use... after you pass the tissues, please. Thanks. Achoo!

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