Winter WonderlandGirl's Night OUT
"Strangers in the night
Exchanging glances
Wondering in the night
What were the chances..."

- lyrics by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder and music by Burt Kaempfert, A Man Could Get Killed

Winter in the city can be cold, so it's time to check out the hottest clubs for a little body heat. Who would have thought I'd actually find some?...

1It's a cold and blustery Saturday night... Only lesbians are crazy enough to venture to the water's edge at 25 degrees below zero for wine, women, and dancing at the newly christened She-Bang @ Girl Zone. In She-Bang's first incarnation @ 40 Below in the West Village, the fierce grinding of NYU babydykes made the scene; with it's move westward to the ample and airy Girl Zone, She-Bang has picked up a more mature and dedicated crowd. The extremely large square bar -- surrounded by windows and TV's playing a bizarre mix of Madonna videos and Hitchcock movie clips -- naturally sports a good view of the mix of women at the tables, on the dance floor, and around the bar. I was recording these observations in my notebook (as any good cyber-columnist should!) when SHE interupted my scribblings. Asked if I was taking notes for a test, I told her about GNO. She didn't believe me, but bought me a drink. After some flirting we were out on the dance floor grinding along to the funky beat with the NYU holdovers from 40 Below. M'lady is a go-go dancer fan, and She-Bang presented one of the most expressive dance performances I've ever witnessed -- in the same way that Melissa Etheridge makes you wish you were her guitar, She-Bang's dancer made you wish you were the chair she danced with. M'lady and I danced 'til we could no more, then drank 'til the till was full and I bid her and She-Bang farewell, perhaps to see them both again...

2Groggy from the night at She-Bang... The next evening I ventured with a friend to SheScape's Website launch party at Tatou. SheScape has been throwing parties -- BIG parties -- for women (usually over the age of 30) at various locations for more than a decade. Now under new ownership and facing a new millenium, this organization that routinely brings more than 800 women together to celebrate has created a party space for us on the Internet. was the guest of honor that night with the site and its chat space featured in full color glory on a screen upstairs. The real site for the night, Tatou, undulated with the mass of extremely diverse women who turned up to party with their community. The only place I've seen so many variations of the woman-loving-woman species is at the Dyke March during Gay Pride. And in this mass of varied women, there SHE was again, even more handsome than the night before. She eyed my friend with suspicion, then whisked me off to the dance floor. We danced much closer this time, but lost each other later in the crowd...

3A week gone by... I needn't have worried. Somehow I knew she would be at Her/She Bar 2,000. She wouldn't be able to resist the two go-go dancers working both sides of the dance floor! The crowd was mostly young African-American tough butches looking out for slick femmes. Most everyone just stood around watching the dancers, clutching their drinks, and staring at the objects of their desire. The music was so loud that I could feel the bass line reaaranging my intestines, even in the darker, more mellow R & B room off the main floor. The only reprieve from the beat was upstairs in the glass-enclosed lounge overlooking both the dance floor and R & B room. Small candle-lit tables with exquisite views of the dancers and their patrons were the saving grace of this club. Her/She bar boasts the best go-go dancers I've seen these days, but also the most expensive Ginger Ale ($4), the most obnoxious coatcheck ($2 for every item checked), the most relentless DJ (carrying on a monotonous beat for more than 10 minutes without variation), and the most inconsiderate staff. Much as I enjoyed HER company, I couldn't stay in this place that she held in such high regard, and consequently, I couldn't stay with her...

Where We Met:

She-Bang @ Girl Zone
504 W 16th St (10th)
Saturday Nights
$5 before 11pm, $8 after

SheScape throws parties
at various locations,
including last month's at...

Tatou Restaurant
151 E 50th St (Lexington/3rd)

Her/She Bar 2,000 @ The Shadow
229 W 28th St (7th/8th)
Friday Nights
$8 before 11pm, $10 after

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