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"Welcome to the theatre, you fool
You'll love it so"

- Lee Adams & Charles Strouse, Applause

Happy Birthday Girl's Night Out! It's spring and the lesbians are popping out all over the theater! What better way to spend our birthday?

1Grand Dyke playwright Paula Vogel has a hit on her hands with How I Learned To Drive. While this funny yet disturbing play about pedophilia does not scream "I'm a comfy Sapphic night out!" it is one of the most brilliantly crafted and acted plays GNO has seen in the past decade. Mary Louise Parker (Fried Green Tomatoes) stars as Li'l Bit, the object of her Uncle Peck's affection. It is an oddly seductive love story with hints a' plenty as to Li'l Bit's own orientation and a wry sense of humor that informs her adult sexuality. How I Learned To Drive is great theatre from one of the most important voices in our community. It's currently at the Vineyard Theatre, tucked away off Union Square, but soon to be moving off-Broadway for a longer commercial run.

2Two cross-dressing musical fiascos to avoid are the mainstream Broadway shows Play On! and Victor/Victoria. Play On! is a 1920s Harlem retelling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night with Cheryl Freeman as Vyman (Viola), a man posing as a female songwriter from the boonies trying to catch a break with Duke Ellington (The Duke Orsino). Duke uses Vyman as a go-between to win back the heart of his Lady Liv (Olivia), who, of course, falls for the handsome messenger in drag. Fun premise and great Duke Ellington tunes, but hideous costumes, bad lighting, crummy acting, boring choreography and the worst book this side of Broadway flops all make for a zero of an evening. No matter how badly you want to see that same sex kiss between women of color, skip it. Victor/Victoria has a better foundation, which makes it all the more disappointing when bad production numbers, too-familiar jokes and Julie Andrews' flagging vocal talents drag the drag out for an excruciatingly long time. And you'll pay Broadway prices for the priveledge of experiencing such misery. Read the play, rent the flic.

3For cheaper and more charming fare there are plenty of lesbian characters populating the latest off-Broadway plays: Stanley about English artist Stanley Spencer, who leaves his wife to marry a glamorous lesbian who brings her butch girlfriend along on the honeymoon (there's even female nudity!); and God's Heart at Lincoln Center by Craig Lucas's with Julie Kavner playing a Fran Leibowitz look-a-like dyke.

4For the greatest theater adventure of all, make your way to My Name Is..., a play about a young woman who must reconstruct her identity and sexuality by remembering the contents of her stolen wallet -- written by ME!!! It's part of the Out on the Edge Festival, a showing of six new gay and lesbian plays. I'm very proud to be a part of this project, which we're hoping will become THE place for new theatrical works by and about the homosexual community. Come on down and see some real Dyke Drama!

Dyke Drama can be found at...

How I Learned To Drive
Vineyard Theatre
108 E 15th St (Union Square East/Irving)

Play On!
Brooks Atkinson Theatre
256 W 47th St (8th)

Marquis Theatre
1535 Broadway (46th)

Circle in the Square
1633 Broadway (50th)

God's Heart
Mitzi Newhouse Theater
Lincoln Center
150 W 65th St (Columbus)

Out on the Edge Festival
Apr 16-27
Theater For The New City
155 First Ave (10th)
$10, $5 students/seniors w/I.D.

Of That Which Makes Horse Racings
& Mother Father Gay Son
Apr 16-18 @ 8pm

Henry's Bridge
Apr 19 @ 8pm and Apr 20 @ 3pm & 8pm

Already Seen
Apr 23-25 @ 8pm

Rite of Passage
& My Name Is...
Apr 26 @ 8pm and 27 @ 3pm & 8pm

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