Girl's Night OUT
"She likes basketball!
How about that?"

- Promises, Promises by Burt Bacharach & Hal David

I was lucky to get a ticket. Third-tier nose-bleed seats. With a great view of all the action. Surrounded by little girls wearing Rebecca Lobo jerseys with their parents in tow holding hot dogs and condiments. Surrounded overwhelmingly by women. It felt like the Indigo Girls concert held in the very same Madison Square Garden only a few weeks earlier. Looking around, a friend said, "I thought there'd be more lesbians." "They're on the court," I said. As if on cue, Rosie O'Donnell cheering from her seat was flashed up on the center scoreboard screen. "There's one now." Upon closer inspection, all the lesbians were courtside. They had bought out all the good seats and season tickets and had premium views of the sweat rolling off Theresa Wheatherpsoon's face. I felt like a second-string dyke. "I think I'll get season tickets next year."

Why endure ticket lines, noisy fans, and bad hot dogs? Because THE WNBA ROCKS! And we have the best team in the Eastern Conference, the New York Liberty! Baring a complete meltdown, they will be duking it out in the semifinals for the Eastern Conference title and a chance to be in the first ever WNBA Championships! We've got Herstory being made in our own backyard and it's fun. The feeling in the stands is incredible, because you're not just cheering for the home team, you're totally celebrating the fact that there actually IS a professional women's basketball league to cheer for.

At the helm of the Liberty is Rebecca Lobo, the white-bread poster girl for the league, as a college and Olympic champion. Standing next to her is Theresa Wheatherspoon, or "Spoon," who cleans up the court with her extraordinary ball handling. These two get all the press, but my secret heroine is Sue Wicks, the lanky blonde bombshell who steps in when Lobo steps out. She gets the job done quicker and cleaner than her more famous compatriots, AND she's been seen out and about at all the local bars... All I can say is that these women are HOT and they're all over the place - games televised on ESPN, Lifetime and NBC, commercials for gear and credit cards, PSA's for breast cancer awareness... You don't have to buy a ticket to moon over these ladies. And they're ours. New York is lucky to be one of only eight cities hosting WNBA teams, and with any luck and a lot of sweat, we'll be able to say we host the WNBA Champions, The New York Liberty!

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