Girl's Night OUT
"We need a little Christmas
Right this very minute
Candles in the window
Carols at the spinet"

- Mame, Jerry Herman

She's Ms. Right for you, or at least Ms. Right Now, and the gift-giving season has sneaked up upon you a little too quickly. What to get her? Where to take her? How to pamper and delight her for Chanukah, Christmas or the Winter Solstice?

Wine and dine her into luxurious submission... Named after Rita Mae Brown's first novel, Rubyfruit Jungle (an autographed copy sits under the stairs on display), Rubyfruit is a slightly swanky and always romantic restaurant and bar in the heart of the West Village. Its three levels include the small mezzanine as you enter, the restaurant downstairs and the narrow red and gold bar upstairs. Brick walls, hardwood floors and a long-stemmed candle burning brightly on every table help make this snug eatery even cozier. Armed cherubs float about red lights above the small tables, shaped as hearts, crescent moons and triangles. There are handsome women and friendly faces all around, including the extremely cordial and efficient wait staff, which serves up some of the freshest and most flavorful dishes in the city. Nineties party tunes filter through the space from the DJ upstairs, just loud enough to accent the warm and buoyant atmosphere. Don't miss the "Famous Female" wall as you leave - covered with photographs and autographed head shots of past and present patrons, women who've enjoyed Rubyfruit as much as you will!

Get her a sex toy you'll both enjoy long after this season passes - it all awaits at the elegant and discreet Eve's Garden. No one would suspect that the key to women's sexual pleasure lies in a boutique situated on the 4th Floor of a midtown office building. With the book Liberating Masturbation by Betty Dodson and a couple of vibrators, Dell Williams founded Eve's Garden in 1974 as a mail-order business. Her intent was to liberate women from the shame of their own bodies and sexuality by giving them the tools with which to celebrate themselves sexually. Since then, Eve's Garden has blossomed into a walk-in store and erotic art gallery. In this all-female atmosphere you'll find vibrators, dildos, books, videos, oils, restraints, harnesses, jewelry, paintings and latex in multiple forms. Men are only allowed in when accompanied by a woman, ensuring privacy and eliminating embarrassment by maintaining the store's supremely Sapphic vibe. Taste the "Honey Dust" edible body powder. Yummmmmm!

Just want to cuddle while you shop? Mail order gayness has arrived! Tzabaco, "the modern general store," is gay owned, gay run and features same-sex couples as models, sporting clothing and accessories for the most fashionable dyke and fag in your life. Plus, certain items' purchase proceeds go to such organizations as ASTRAEA, The Names Project Foundation and The Human Rights Campaign.

Wanna watch some Sapphic cinema while you browse your catalogs? The best lesbian videos can be found through Wolfe Video. From Bound to safe sex videos, Wolfe stocks any movie with the slightest hint of dyke drama in it. Favorites include Go Fish - with commemorative nail clippers (no joke!). Besides, where else are you gonna find a fresh copy of Personal Best?

So feed her, powder her, clothe her and then bask in the glow of the warm TV together - and enjoy these holidays!

Where to Treat Her:

531 Hudson St
Restaurant: Mon-Thu until 11pm,
Fri-Sat until midnight
Bar: Daily 3pm-2am
Eve's Garden
119 W 57th St (Sixth), Suite 420
Mon-Sat noon-7pm
PO Box 808011
Petaluma, CA 94975-8011
Wolfe Video
PO Box 64
New Almaden, CA 95042
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