Girl's Night OUT
"Little old New York is plenty good enough for me...
Right now, she's wide open
And here's hopin' she'll always be that way
Right now, she's wide open
Anyone don't like it here, they don't have to stay..."

- Tenderloin, Sheldon Harnick & Jerry Bock

Where do all the lesbians live?

You could say that I live in a lesbian neighborhood. My synagogue performs commitment ceremonies for lesbian couples and holds GLBiTrans Sabbath potluck dinners for all the singles to find that nice Jewish mate to bring home to mom and dad. The local bookstore has a large Alternative Sexuality section. My doctor around the corner just had a baby with her lesbian lover.

The West Village?

The staff at my veterinarian's office is so caring and aware that they have a visiting room with a comfy couch for concerned pet parents to spend some cuddly quality time with their loved one while still an in-patient. They refer to me as Aesop's mom and ask if his "other mom" is going to come for a visit, too.

Park Slope, Brooklyn?

When I told my spunky real estate agent what kind of apartment I wanted and that I may be co-habitating in a non-Platonic way with another woman, she said, "Well, that immediately knocks four of these places off the list." Why? "Because they have co-op boards that'll only take you if you're a heterosexual WASP." So, I wound up in an apartment that had been previously inhabited by a gay male couple. On the day I met with the co-op board, I also met my new neighbors in the building, a lesbian couple a few floors down who were also seeking board approval. They're visible in the neighborhood and cat mommies, too, complete with dual-mom visitation rights at the vet.

So, where is this mythic Sapphic wonderland?

New York's Upper West Side. It doesn't have to be a lesbian enclave to be my neighborhood home, but it's not just for Woody Allen movies anymore!

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