Get in touch with the NYC Sapphic set through the Girls' Night Out listserv!

Dasha sez: "Wow! Listservs are a great way to build community over the Internet. What easier way to chat, debate, inform, and nurture our community than e-mail? With the listserv you get to speak your mind, hear about the newest parties in town, and maybe even meet your fellow netly females in real space!"

Columnist and list-mom Dasha Snyder hosts this e-mail forum for all things lesbian. Whether it's news about a party, weighing in on important lesbian issues, asking a question, or just hangin' Internet-style with Dasha and the rest of the girls, it's all an e-mail away.

To subscribe to the list, simply e-mail using the subject line "subscribe." Then introduce yourself to the girls! (To unsubscribe, e-mail using the subject line "unsubscribe.") back

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